Jeff the Great single handedly fixes Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company recently announced that they've hired Alan Mulally away from Boeing to become their new CEO. Along with his $18.5 million signing bonus, he'll be looking to cut over 10,000 jobs (much like he did at Boeing).

In light of these recent announcements, I've been thinking this is the perfect opportunity for this American icon to re-shape their image and regain dominance.

Ford should take this opportunity to be an industry leader and announce that they will become a hybrid only manufacturer. That's right, nearly every Ford vehicle would be a hybrid with the exception of the Mustang, F-Series trucks, and the Expedition. From 2008 on, every Explorer, every Focus, every Ranger, every Escape, every Fusion, every Freestyle, and...well... You get the point.

Just imagine the change in public image. Most consumers would happily buy a hybrid if a) they didn't cost more and b) were more available. Ford would quickly be known as THE hybrid car company. Often all it takes is one company to step out and take a stand. Additionally, if Ford made this move many other car makers would be pressured to follow suit. Cost would come down, availability would increase, and demand would be both met and created. Your main economic forces are taken care of.

So what if? If you needed a new SUV and the Ford Explorer came standard as a hybrid for little to no extra cost, would you go for a test drive? With over 10,000 people being laid off, bonds rated as junk, sales tumbling, and profit non-existent, what do they have to loose? It's now or never.

-Jeff the Great

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Anonymous said...

Uh, don't you think the weight and height of SUVs keep their gas mileage crappy anyway - despite being a hybrid.

If you want to fix ford, have them develop a better battery technology and make plug ins or plug in hybrids. And for goodness sake, buy a clue and make small cars that are aerodynamic like the Toyota.

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