Jeff the Great saves the world!

I've been running around this crazy world I rule with little time to blog lately. I actually have so many post idea's I don't know which to pick! I've been thinking a lot about how history will view the united states. I think about how the Roman Empire was once such a dominate civilization and I am sure there was a time when it's people thought they would never fall from grace.

So I wonder. Is the USA as untouchable as we think it is? I personally think it's the greatest country on earth and I am proud to be part of it. But will we last? a couple hundred years is really nothing in the grand scheme of human civilization. Not to mention that our world dominance is only a mere 100 years old. This doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence.

To make matters worse we have the lowest common denominator running this land, and most of the folk vying to be our next president don't offer me much hope. During one of the debates this week, I heard a candidate mention "our interests in Israel" and the rest of the middle east. I guess I just worry that all these 'interests' beyond our borders could lead to our demise.

Let's hope history is kind to this young, cocky nation.

-Jeff the Great

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