Jeff the Great goes (fire)Fox hunting!

I've decided that the computer world is changing. This weekend I downloaded Mozilla's Firefox internet browser. I did this after a couple months of fighting with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. After a few days with Firefox, I can proudly report not a single problem or issue. With IE, I could expect 2 or 3 program crashs and at least 1 restart directly related to Internet Explorer. The funny thing is that my problems with IE began when Microsft automatically pushed the IE upgrade down to me while doing a routine Windows Live Update.

The real story behind all of this is that Firefox is a FREE download from Google or Mozilla. I am also using 2 spyware programs which were FREE downloads (Spybot & adAware). So how is it that some of the best software packages are free while other companies spend billions developing and then forcing us to use their crap?

And that is why the world of computers is changing. We are going from a time when shareware/freeware programs were clunky homemade app's to being some of the worlds best. If I were Microsoft, I'd be very afraid.

So what is next? We have Firefox for web surfing, Google has provided us with a whole host of free programs including Doc's and Spreadsheets, all I need now is a free operating system and I am good to go. Any suggestions?

-Jeff the Great


Anonymous said...

Well the obvious answer is some form of Gnu/Linux, which should become less and less weird for normal users in the next few years. I'm promising myself to try it in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Why not try it now?

nathan_usa said...

I recommend Ubuntu.com for a free operating system. Ubuntu is part of the Linux family and remarkably easy to install and use plus it comes with Firefox preinstalled. You can test drive it by booting to the CD you download from their web site. If you decide to install you simply go into one of the file menus during the test drive and tell it to install.

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