Jeff the Great Creates Oregon Tumblr Directory

So I've been checking out a web site called Tumblr. Its basically between Twitter and a blog. Unlike Twitter, you can write more than a text message and can include pictures, video, etc. Unlike blogging, most people use it for short writing or simply to share a photo they like.

I signed up for ThePortlander.com as a way to get our news out to more Portlanders and Oregonians where they are, as opposed to waiting for them to come to us. If you are curious, we are at htt://theportlander.tumblr.com.

One thing I don't like about Tumblr is that they have not made it easy to find people to follow and interact with. Specifically, I can't tell where most people call home. So, I decided to create a Portland/Oregon Tumblr directory. If you are on Tumblr, please let me know using the below form. Once you do so, you'll see who else from Portland/Oregon is on Tumblr. When I get enough responses, I'll publish a full and active list somewhere.