Jeff the Great condemns a lazy nation

If you haven't guessed by now, America has a lazy society! I see it every day whether it's the person that rides the MAX 1 block instead of walking or they out of shape mom and kids in the fast food drive through.

What suprise's me is the extent some people take it, especially when it comes to work and their income. I recently started doing some part time, commission based work in retail. In that environment customers rule and customer service is everything. My co-workers blow me away with one little thing they do that can have a silent but deadly impact (okay, so I exaggerate).

I drove past the front of the store the other day, on my way to park in the back of the lot, and noticed 3 employee's parked side-by-side in the spots most near the front door to our store. Furthermore, no other parking was available anywhere close by.

Am I the only one that thinks saving the most convenient parking for customers is common sense? Are we too lazy to walk a few extra yards so your [paying] customers don't have to? What if a potential customer drives by, doesn't find a spot, and moves on to the next strip mall?

We dress nice, we say thank you, we provide knock-out service....then we make our customers park far away so we don't have to walk in the rain. Are you kidding me?

-Jeff the Great

Jeff the Great goes to the movies

I had the displeasure of going out to a movie the other night. The company was great (my amazing wife), the seats were comfortable, and the movie was okay.

The displeasure came from two things. First, the food and beverage prices! It's been a while since I've been out to the movies, thanks to technology, and I was shocked at how expensive things have gotten! Theaters have always been over priced, but $4 for a medium soda.....are you kidding me?

To make matters worse, my wife and I were forced to wait in line for a good 5 minutes even though the place was darn near empty. Would it kill them to at least serve me my $4 diet coke in a speedy manner? I counted 16 registers at the concession stand, but only 1 person working.

So they don't only do they bring in bundles of cash from snacks, they save a ton of money by making some poor 16 year old minimum-wage-earning girl work all by herself when 3 or 4 people would have been appropriate.

Regal, UA, AMC, you better wake up to the real world. With technology advancing like it is, you can't afford to piss off customers like you did me.

-Jeff the Great