Can You Hear Jeff the Great Now? Good!

I know I am a couple weeks behind on this news story, but I love what Sprint is doing! They recently announced that they will be dropping around 1,000 of their customers! That's right, telling them "bu bye!"

The thought is that they can provide better customer service to the majority of their subscribers if they drop the 1,000 most time consuming, annoying, and flat out pain in the ass customers!

So as I have written in the past, the customer isn't always right!

-Jeff the Great

Jeff the Great is Switching Gears!

Just a quick post to let you know that I am gonna switch gears a bit with this blog.

I started out with the idea of b!tching and complaining about businesses I deal with, and specifically their customer service.

I've had fun writing about other topics here, and on my other blog www.pdxcompanies.com. So instead of walking away from my original blog, I think I start to use this a little more informally. A little closer to what blogs were invented for, I guess. A Web Log.

Thanks for being a reader and please come back! Also, check out my other blog at www.pdxcompanies.com where I profile Portland Oregon area employers that you may not of known about before.

-Jeff the Great


It's an iBlackberry for Jeff the Great

One of the success stories that Apple might be able to tell about the iPhone is that it helped sell Blackberries, Treo's, and other PDA's. I've been out of contract with Verizon for about 3 months now and finally decided over the weekend to get a new phone.

After all the iPhone hype I decided to seriously consider a PDA. I've been doing a lot of independent, after hours work, and having access to email 18-20 hours a day is essential to me. A regular, run of the mill cell phone just wouldn't cut it this time.

So I shied away from the Motorola Q and opted for the new Blackberry 8830. In a few words, this phone is AMAZING! From what I read, there is very little this phone doesn't do that the iPhone does (namely wifi, and 'real' web surfing). Here are the pro's and con's:

Easy, lovable trackball navigation
customizable and fast operating system
bright, sharp color screen
Java enabled for 3rd party applications
QWERTY keyboard
expandable to 4gigs of memory (micro SD)
fantastic media player

no camera :(
no wifi
a tad bit of background noise (I had to exchange the first one I got)
hard to figure out how to make simple adjustments to things like volume

How much you ask? With a 4gig memory card and car charger (and after rebate) it set me back $249. That's half as much as the 4gig iPhone. And I give up what, a camera and touch screen?

I like my money more than I like Apple.

-Jeff the Great

P.S. Thanks to Angie from the Beaverton GoWireless for taking good care of me!


Jeff the Great Starts New Blog!

Wanted to let you all know about a new blog I have started: http://pdxcompanies.blogspot.com/. It is part of a little project I am working on to let job seekers in the Portland area know that there are some great places to work that aren't named "Nike" or "Intel."

Check it out using the Blogger address above or visit through http://www.pdxcompanies.com/.

-Jeff the Great