Jeff the Great Points Out the Obvious

Was thinking about the presidential election we just wrapped up and how we've become a country of red and blue states. I realized that, like most republicans, Romney got his votes in the south and midwest. Then, I started wondering how the economies of those states looked. The results were not surprising, but still eye-opening.

Of the 10 states with the lowest GDP per capita, 8 of them voted Republican in the 2012 presidential campaign. Similarly, of the 10 highest GDP per capita states, 8 of them voted Democratic.

Interpret how you please, but to me it says that GOP policies do not work for the average American. Furthermore, it appears that voters in the poorest states tend to vote against their own interests. Here is the data:

2010 GDP

per capita

Mississippi $32,967 Red
Idaho $34,250 Red
West Virginia $35,053 Red
South Carolina $35,717 Red
New Mexico $35,952 Blue
Alabama $36,333 Red
Arkansas $36,483 Red
Montana $37,200 Red
Kentucky $37,535 Red
Michigan $37,616 Blue
Tennessee $39,730 Red
Florida $40,106 Blue
Maine $40,923 Blue
Missouri $41,117 Red
Indiana $41,169 Red
Georgia $41,711 Red
Utah $41,750 Red
Ohio $42,035 Blue
Oklahoma $42,237 Red
North Carolina $42,884 Red
Vermont $44,000 Blue
Wisconsin $44,105 Blue
Kansas $44,310 Red
Oregon $44,447 Blue
Rhode Island $45,000 Blue
Pennsylvania $45,323 Blue
Texas $45,940 Red
Nevada $47,222 Blue
New Hampshire $47,385 Blue
Louisiana $47,467 Red
North Dakota $47,714 Red
Iowa $49,067 Blue
Hawaii $49,214 Blue
Nebraska $49,778 Red
South Dakota $49,875 Red
Illinois $50,328 Blue
Minnesota $50,396 Blue
Maryland $51,724 Blue
California $51,914 Blue
Colorado $51,940 Blue
Washington $52,403 Blue
Virginia $53,463 Blue
New Jersey $56,477 Blue
New York $57,423 Blue
Massachusetts $58,108 Blue
Wyoming $63,667 Red
Connecticut $64,833 Blue
Alaska $65,143 Red
Delaware $69,667 Blue
D. C. $174,500 Blue