Jeff the Great applauds energy efficiency!

I work in the EDA industry and do my best to read up on the latest in the semiconductor world. I read a fascinating piece of news today and unfortunately it probably wont get any attention in the mainstream media.

Sun Microsystems, leading maker of computer servers, announced today that they hit a sales milestone for one of their new product lines. The interesting news is that these new servers are energy efficient and the company estimates that the adoption of their new products has reduced pollution! These servers have meant that a half billion pounds of CO2 have not entered our atmosphere. That's equivalent to the CO2 from 29,000 vehicles over a 1 year time!

"Wait, how is this possible" you might ask? Computers use an incredible amount of electricity. Sun has developed their new line of servers to not only use less power, but use it more efficiently. The servers they have sold use less electricity which means power plants have to generate that much less.

You can find the story here: PR News Wire

So think but what Sun Microsystems is doing the next time you stand in the aisle at the store, trying to decide if you should spend the extra cash on compact florescent bulbs.

-Jeff the Great

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