Jeff the Great Calls Out Teachers, Again!

Have you read my posts in the last couple months about teachers? Here is just another reason why I really dislike the current state of our education system.

On Monday Feb 18th the Oregonian ran a story about how abusive (often sexually) teachers are allowed to conceal their conduct and leave the district they offended in, only to teach again in a different district. Partly because it is so damn hard to fire a teacher considering the bullet proof contract they have through their union.

Here is an excerpt from the Oregonian article and a link to the full story:

"It would take months for the agency that licenses Oregon teachers to discipline a Salem-area teacher for inappropriately touching at least eight girls.

To get Kenneth John Cushing, then 44, away from Claggett Creek Middle School students immediately, administrators cut him a deal: If Cushing resigned, they would conceal his alleged conduct — clutching students’ waists, touching their buttocks and massaging their shoulders — from the public."

read the rest here.

The Oregonian also has a great database of teachers that have been reprimanded (but not necessarily the same teachers that abuse then walk to another school to do it again). Follow this link and you can search by name, district, or school.

Is someone from YOUR kid's school on the list?

-Jeff the Great

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