Jeff the Great Updates His Reading List

I've completed a few books and have another I am about to start. Figured I'd share and get your suggestions on what to read next!

Charlie Wilson's War

I started this book because I thought the story would make a better read than a movie. Charlie Wilson's story IS interesting but it was a tedious read near the second half of the book. If you have little time for reading, skip the book and watch the movie.

Completed: Made to Stick

This book exceeded my expectations. It is all ready my favorite type of book but it was written better than most. Lots of examples that are super interesting and I learned a TON. I suggest it to anyone that is looking to improve the message you give about your business, church, project, or even your personal brand.
Just Starting: The Big Swtich

I am just about to start this book today and don't know much about it. I think it is about how technology has changed and continued to influence our world. I am excited about it as I won a signed, pre-release copy from http://www.techcrunch.com!

So, after The Big Switch, what should I read next?

-Jeff the Great

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Jess said...

I am going to put the Big Switch on my to-read list.
Have you read The Future of Management?
The case studies on Google, Whole Foods, and Gore are excellent.

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