Jeff the Great Demands your Philanthropy

This is a post specifically for my friends and readers in Eugene, OR. My sister and brother-in-law live in Eugene and are volunteers through a great organization called the Eugene Active 20-30 Club (the local affiliate of an international organization).

The club is dedicated to serving children in their local community. One of the annual events they put together is called Kid Spree. Before school starts up again in the fall, they take less fortunate kids shopping for clothes and school necessities. Each child gets a $100 gift card is is accompanied on their shopping trip with a Eugene Active 20-30 volunteer and a member of the Eugene Em's baseball team!

In past years they have supported 25 kids. This year their efforts have raised enough money so far to support 17 children.

Would you or your business be interested in supporting a child in your community? If you are interested, drop an email to kidspree@eugene2030.org and/or visit the club's web site at http://www.eugene2030.org.

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Trena Goble Roush said...

Jeff, thanks for plugging this event. Kids Spree is part of our national project and we were able to help aprox. 2,200 kids across the US last year in this event alone. (We have just shy of 40 clubs and 1,200 members currently)

The kids who attend the shopping spree often have never had a new pair of shoes or well-fitting, in-their-style clothes. This can be a life changing experience for both the kids and the member with whom they shop. Truly an amazing experience.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to spare $100, you will buy a child a cart full of clothes. If you can give $20, you can help him buy shoes and a couple shirts. $10 can be combined with other people's $5 and $10 donations to set a child up for success this school year.

Ask any of the members and they will tell you stories about how they and their community changed the lives of children through Active 20-30.

-Trena Roush, Active 20-30 Club of Indianapolis

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