Jeff the Great Applauds UPS

So last Christmas I had a horrible experience with UPS. So bad that the local NBC news affiliate interviewed me for their evening news! I couldn't have been more disappointed with the lack of customer service and general business smarts from this massive company.

This year it is only fair that I tell the world how they redeemed themselves with me and went above and beyond to save Christmas (okay, maybe thats an overstatement)!

As I had done last year, I ordered a Christmas gift from Amazon.com. Due to a longstanding issue with the Post Office, we have a PO Box and I requested that the gift be shipped there (as I ALWAYS do when ordering via Amazon). Turns out that I was actually ordering from a separate company than Amazon, while still on the Amazon site. No biggie, I do that all the time.

Well, the company shipped my order via UPS to a US Postal Service PO Box. Newsflash, UPS doesn't deliver to their competitor and I don't blame them! I emailed the retailer and they swore that UPS would deliver to my PO Box. Nope, sorry....they don't.

Well, 2 mornings ago I recieved a phone call from UPS. They had my package in the local distribution facility but needed a different address. They said if I called back they could take care of it without having to send it back to the retailer (worst case) or have me drive 20 miles to pick it up from their warehouse (best case). I called back, Mike at the Tualatin UPS facility was awesome, and my package was delivered to my house in time for Christmas.

That was exactly the type of simple customer service that makes people so happy. Good work UPS, my faith in you is restored. Thanks for making my business important to you. Merry Christmas to all.

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