Jeff the Great Illustrates Measures 66 & 67

Sorry to my followers outside of Oregon for all this political talk. I promise this will be my last post on the proposed Oregon tax hikes!

So I was thinking of how to illustrate the meaning of measures 66 & 67.....take a look at the below and tell me what you think.

Hi, my name is Jeff the Great and I'm unemployed. Life is not as easy now as it was when I had a job.

It's not fair.

Because it isn't fair, I am going to need everyone I know to send me a check for $150. After all, I'd like some more money and you appear to have money.

It's not fair.

What's that, you say I already get unemployment which is paid for partly out of your pocket?

Ya, I know I do, but it is just not enough. I'd like to make the same amount of money now as I did when I worked.

If I don't make that much, it's not fair.

What's that, you think I should have managed my money better when I was employed and not have gotten in over my head?

Ya, that sounds like a good idea until you think about it. I mean, I work hard ya know. I am entitled to lots of stuff. Besides, it's not like I made that much money in my last job anyway.

It's not fair.

What's that, you mean the economy is tough for you, too and you're barely making it?

That sucks, but it's not fair that you have a job and I don't so I'm going to need for you to write that check, pretty please.

After all, it's only fair.

What?!? You can't write me that check because now you don't have a job either? Who's going to write me that check now? And then who will write you your check?


See any parallels with the proposed tax increases?

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Steve said...

WOW.. Jeff, you know that you and I do not always see "eye to eye" on most issues.. However, I think that you have it totally right in this case. It is unfair! The government needs to be run like a business and manage their money better.

(Good luck on the job front)

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