Jeff the Great Starts Up Your Weekend

During the weekend of March 5th - 7th I am attending an event I am really excited about. It is called Startup Weekend and I hope you will join me! The idea is to get a bunch of entrepreneurial people into an office space for an entire weekend, pitch ideas for startup businesses, join the team that sounds most interesting to you and then build a business in 1 weekend!

The concept has been going on for a few years now and was even created by an Oregon native. His name is Andrew Hyde, he is a native of Sisters Oregon and Startup Weekend is just one of the companies/organizations he has started.

First and foremost, the event is all about the experience. In reality, no one really expects the companies that get started to take off and make the participants millionaires. That said, some Startup Weekend companies have gone on to do very well for themselves, earning revenues and gaining major media coverage for what they do.

I just registered for the 2010 Portland weekend and I hope you will join me! Best case scenario is that you become the co-founder of a company that goes on to make you a very rich person. Worst case scenario is that you meet some cool new people, make new professional connections, learn about starting a business and have a whole lot of fun.

It is a no lose situation. Wont you join me?

Learn more and sign up here: http://portland.startupweekend.org.

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