Jeff the Great Condemns the Youth of the Nation

When I was a kid, I worked hard and played hard. I wasn't more than 8 years old when I started my first entrepreneurial venture: selling beverages to golfers as they crossed the street from one hole to the next. When I wasn't hustling to make my own money, I was active doing things like skateboarding or riding my bike miles and miles on any given day.

It seems things are different for kids these days. I say that because of two very different, but eye-opening things I have noticed lately.

The first example comes from the fact that I am so incredibly busy these days, the last thing I want to do during one of my few weekend hours at home is mow the lawn. So I figured I'd hire a neighborhood kid to do it. Certainly, in my neighborhood full of kids, one of them has started a lawn mowing business. Right? Nope, I can't find a single kid doing anything to make money by working for themselves.

The second thing I noticed is the proliferation of motorized scooters. Kids of all ages are zipping around the sidewalks and streets on electric motor powered scooters. I no longer see them riding bikes, skateboarding, or even pushing an original Razer scooter. Nope, these lazy slackers are letting a motor do all the work while they stand on the board, with a spoiled grin on their face.

I know I sound like an incredibly old, grumpy man, but what has happened to the youth of our nation?

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