Jeff the Great hands Oregon a win on silver platter.

They did it! My Ducks beat Oklahoma in the biggest game of the last 2 decades! Now the bad part: fans, players, and coaches will have to hear about the controversy for years to come. At least for the next 3 1/2 months, that is.

If you haven't heard already, the national media and Sooner fans everywhere are claiming the official's blew a call on the late 4th quarter on-side kick by the ducks. Most, if not all, of these people think they know more than the officials. They think they saw something the official's didn't. They think they had camera angles that the officials didn't, and anything else that makes them feel better. Most importantly, they think that the chaotic image paused and shown over and over again shows an Oregon Ducks hand touching the ball. Because only 1 player on the field was wearing black gloves, right? Only one player on the field has black skin, right? Of course it was a Duck, he's the only one that fits the description.

If it is so obvious that a Duck touched the ball, why did the official choose these exact words:

"After further review, there is conclusive evidence the receiving team touched the ball . . ."

If you disagree, jump to this blog , read it & weep.

-Jeff the Great

UPDATE: The Pac-10 commissioner responded to demands from the OU president. The officiating staff has been suspended for 1 game and a formal apology has been made. Too bad the Pac-10 commissioner HAS NO BALLS! Doesn't he realize bad calls are made in almost any game? He failed to mention the bad calls (one inparticular) that went the way of OU. No apology about that. If you want to let the Pac-10 commissioner know what you think, email him at thansen@pac-10.org (If he's changed it, try t_hansen@pac-10.org).

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