Jeff the Great says "You are the company you keep"

They say that people look like their dogs. People select dogs that remind them of themselves. Tonight, while at an HOA meeting, I had the pleasure of being described as a pit bull. Not in a bad way, as a compliment, I guess. I just never thought of myself that way.

Guess I just thought of myself as more of a German Shepard. You know, big, strong, smart, loyal, hairy, etc. But the pit bull is thought of as the most terrifying and deadliest bread. Known to kill other dogs and animals, not to mention the occasional kid. The only trait I can think of that we have in common is a constant desire to eat!

So what are you? Do you think others describe you the same as you think of yourself? Is there even a dog that encompasses who you are? I'm looking forward to what others have to say.

If you're not sure what kind of dog you are, take this online test.

-Jeff the Great


ro said...

I can see pit bull...but there's also a little chi-wawa (spelling ?)in there.

Kenny said...

I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog. Doesn't really strike fear in your heart, does it?

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