Jeff the Great ousts Oprah!

For some reason I have never really gotten why so many people love Oprah. They don't just LIKE Oprah, they LOVE Oprah. So much different than your average celebrity...or any celebrity for that matter.

With the extra time on my hands I've tuned in to see what the big deal is. I've watched about 5 episodes in the last 3 weeks am more confused than every.

Frankly, I hate the lady. Watching the show the past few weeks has done nothing but fuel my feelings. I guess it's just because she tries so hard to let everyone know she's not average...not like the rest of the world. Seems weird, since most celebrities work hard to do the opposite.

One scene I couldn't believe was this last Tuesday. The show was something about Oprah and Gayle's road trip. Apparently Gayle loves the movie "Wedding Crashers" and thought it would be fun to do some crashing of their own on the trip.

So in Tulsa, Oklahoma they check into their hotel and invite themselves to 2 weddings being held in the building. Oprah walked right in, camera crew and all, up to the bride and says "Hi, I'm Oprah." The wedding instantly became a circus with the focus 100% on Oprah rather than the bride. Then they did it again at another couples wedding.

Who does she think she is? Why does she think that any stranger would welcome her in their wedding? More importantly, why does she think she's that important? Heaven forbid she goes somewhere and the spotlight isn't on her. And don't get me started on her failure to marry her longtime boyfriend.

It gets worse when they next day they drive to a small town and attend Sunday morning church. It's not that she attended church, but her attitude while there. Just about every sentence started and ended with thank you Jesus/praise the Lord/God is good. Have you ever heard her talk that way? I haven't. So what, it just comes out when she goes to church with the cameras rolling? Talk about being a Sunday morning Christian. If that is truly how she feels, I challenge her to say those things all the time...on every show.

Why does this woman think she is so special? Why do other women believe this too? Is it just that normal American women want to be her? Rich, worshiped, and unattached? Please, wives/mothers/daughters, don't become her.

Try crashing my wedding, Oprah. Try taking over my church on Sunday morning.

-Jeff the Great

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