Jeff the Great says "Customer Service is King!"

On Monday I witnessed one of the best examples of true customer service. Being an independent consultant and working out of the home, I had some free time to accompany my wife to the salon for a cut and color this last Monday. While waiting in the lobby area reading my book I overheard a conversation with a customer and the receptionist.

The customer had come in for what she said was her 10am appointment. I could see the confusion on the receptionist face as she searched the appointment book on her computer screen. She then excused herself and came back shortly with another employee. The next employee warmly greeted the customer, offered her some coffee, and took her back to get her hair washed in prep for color.

What amazed me is was what I found out next. The woman was a customer, but didn't have an appointment for that day. Despite a full house and the obvious mistake, the salon employee's greeted this customer just as if she was the queen of the world and promptly began to service her just like anyone with an appointment.

Most employee's I deal with in my day to day activities would have been quick to say "no, you don't have an appointment" which would likely embarrass the client and cause an argument. Futher more, most would have said they just didn't have time that day.

These people went above an beyond by making the client feel welcome and cared for. There first class service is an example to the rest of 'em that just aren't doing it right. If only everyone did things like the Justin Hickox Studio, the world would be a much more friendly place.

-Jeff the Great

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