Jeff the Great 'punches in' for work

Working my new part-time retail sales jobs has really opened my eyes to the virtues of good customer service. I've seen it from the eyes of a consumer for years, now I get the view from behind the counter.
Last night while working I witnessed a very poor act of customer service that I fear is all too common. I was working with a coworker who was scheduled off at 5:30pm, leaving me on my own for the last 3.5 hours of business. He stayed late to finish a big, complicated sale and was ready to go by 7pm. By that time the store had gotten busy and I found myself helping 3 customers at once.
As my coworker finished his sale and prepared to leave, I asked if he could help a waiting customer by making one routine task on his account. My simple request was met with this comment: "I normally would but I already clocked out." Then, he turned and walked out of the store.
I was shocked, not only as his coworker but as a consumer as well. This little act said a lot about what his priorities are....and I can tell you that good customer service isn't one of them. I couldn't imagine doing what he did, if only for the simple concept of brand image.
If you were a customer in our store at the time, what would have gone through your mind?
-Jeff the Great

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Very Lost said...

I can not believe that someone would say that infront of a customer. What happened to Customer Service???!!!??? (http://steves-rant.blogspot.com/2006/09/what-ever-happened-to-customer-service.html)

I am glad you have customer service skills. It seems like people have lost that skill.

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