Jeff the Great says "Don't Drink the Water!"

Over the weekend I took my first trip down to the much debated Portland Ariel Tram. No, I didn't ride the stupid thing, you will never catch me giving my money to the city for crap like that.

After my companions returned to the new OHSU center at the bottom of the hill, we toured the new health club that is operated by the university (it's open to public membership).

After touring the pool our guide directed the men to the locker room on the left and the women to the right. After some crass jokes, I decided I'd take the opportunity to take a leak. As I unzipped and got ready to shoot, I am faced with this sign:
Now I am no MENSA member, but seriously, don't drink the urinal water? Have we really gotten to this point in society that we need to put up a warning sign for everything?

As far as I am concerned, drink the water, please! The world could use a few less idiots.

-Jeff the Great


Anonymous said...

Hey! Easy on the tram, it is TERRIFIC!

Doug Quinn said...

What about bathing - would that be acceptable?

Fact: The Mississippi River serves as both the destination of sewage treatment plant effluent and the source of potable water.

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