Jeff the Great goes Road Trip'n

Just got back into town from a long weekend up in Northern Idaho. If you haven't been there, you've gotta check it out sometime in your life.

Specifically, the Sandpoint, ID area on Lake Pend Oreille. I just love how this part of the country has maintained that untouched, out of the way, mountain feel. For example, the window of the bedroom of the house my wife and I were at was literally about 15 steps from a gorgeous mountain creek...what a sound to fall asleep to!

Here are some thoughts from the "road" part of my trip:
  • I discovered there is a trucking company named Yellow, though their logo is the color orange.
  • There is another trucking company named England, out of Salt Lake City......uh, okay.
  • As cool as they are, Harley's must break down a lot...I saw 3 broken down bikes with their riders on the side of the road, all Harley Davidson's. No wonder my Uncle, who rides a Honda, says he and his crew always bring a Harley on the ride just so they have something to work on.
  • Despite how beautiful Northern Idaho is, Oregon has got to be the most beautiful state in the Nation. Driving through the Columbia Gorge at sunset on a mostly clear summer evening is heavenly.
  • Sunday Aug. 19th must have been "drive slow in the fast lane, especially after switching lanes at inconvenient times for other drivers" day. Wow.
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-Jeff the Great

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