Jeff the Great Agrees with Ahmadinejad?

Gimme one second before you freak out about my post title. Ahmadinejad is, in my opinion, one of the worst people currently alive on our planet. He is a delusional dictator blinded by his mis-interpretation of his religion.

In his speech today at the 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations, he did say something that I agree with. Among a bunch of BS he spit these words of wisdom:

"Among all the ineffective bodies, unfortunately, the UN Security Council ranks first.''

Seriously folks, the guy is right. The council is made up of select group of countries, a few of which have absolute veto power. Meaning, 1 "no" vote one of the select countries with veto power and a resolution goes down. Probably makes it hard to get things done when a country like Russia doesn't want to cooperate.

The UN Security Council is also scarred by it's decisions to give Saddam Hussein 17 or however many 'final' chances. Look what that did! The world's next evil dictator (and there is always another one) knows what the UN will do....nothing for at least 17 warnings!

So in this 1 instance, and hopefully for the first and last time, I agree with Ahmadinejad.

-Jeff the Great

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