Jeff the Great is So Goboz!

I wrote recently about a cool new gadget for your iGoogle homepage, brought to you by Goboz.com. On Thursday the 6th, Goboz.com launched in the Portland Metro Area.

Goboz.com is basically 2 things: first it is a local business search site, similar to Citysearch and Yelp. Second, Goboz is a 1 stop shop for Portland area news from all the top sources like KATU, the Oregonian, and the Willamette Week.

What makes Goboz different is the way the site communicates to you what businesses people like and what news people care about. It uses a voting system inspired by Digg.com and the great thing is that you don't need to be signed into an account to vote. One click of the mouse lets you voice your opinion.

Goboz also stands out because it allows users to submit businesses and news that is not already on the site. So if you read a great article about Portland in the New York Times, share it with others at Goboz.com. Love the local coffee shop and think everyone else in Portland needs to know about? Just submit it in 1 quick step and it is available for voting immediately.

I love this site. I think they way they deliver this information is the next evolution in local information on the web. Don't trust me though, check it out for yourself.

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-Jeff the Great

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