Jeff the Great Gets His FiOS TV

My FiOS TV was installed on Friday and I am happy to report that I love it! Installation took a few hours so be prepared (and my installation was considered easy since I already had FiOS internet plus CAT5 and coax in every room). I received a fancy new wireless router during the install and they even left me with the old D-Link router.

So far what I love about FiOS TV is the channel line up. I think it is around 223 channels for the standard premier package. I honestly never finish watching an entire show because I am always surfing around to see what else is on during commercials.

Here are just a few channels that I am excited to have and that I didn't have with Comcast:
  • NFL network (wish I had this a few weeks ago)
  • Speed Channel
  • Fox Business News
  • BBC World
  • BBC America
  • DIY
  • Fine Living
  • ...and so many more!
I had heard that the delay time when selecting channels or doing things with the on screen guide was non-existing. It is shorter than Comcast but there still is a delay.

I am also not too happy with the on screen guide. Maybe it is because I don't have any big fancy TV's so it appears small on my screens but I just feel like they crammed too much in. I sometimes have to get up from the couch to see what the heck it says.

Picture quality is great, though I haven't seen anything in HD. Not sure if this is urban myth or not but I swear it looks better than Comcast did.

The remotes are great and cable boxes are just like you'd expect (Motorola). I used the multi-room DVR and love it but noticed a delay when pausing and skipping ahead/back when watching recorded shows in a second room.

Pricing is great....$42.00 for 223 channels with FiOS verse $52.99 for 70 channels from Comcast.

BOTTOM LINE: I love it! If they would just clean up the on screen guide a bit it would be perfect!

-Jeff the Great


CNett said...

I just ordered Fios TV and currently have Fios internet. Curious what type of connection do I need behind my television. Currently I have neither (coax or cat5). I would like to run the wires ahead of time (before my install). I will have a very basic setup of only 1 room. Current internet router is in the basement. Want the fios tv hooked up in the living room on the ground floor.

Jeff the Great said...

you'll need coax. I'd suggest contacting Verizon and asking them.

I do know that they can run the Coax for you, although I am sure it will cost you something.

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