Jeff the Great wags the finger at Oregon Teachers

South Florida's Herald Tribune newspaper made headlines a few weeks ago when they got their hands on a list of 'trouble' teachers from around the country.
Of course I use the world 'trouble' loosely as the offenses these teachers have committed can range all the way from sexual misconduct to not paying back their student loans....so don't freak out too much.
None-the-less, I have obtained a list of Oregon teachers that made the list and have published it here.
Take a look and see if one of your teachers, one of your friends, or your neighbor made the list and ask them whats up.
-Jeff the Great
List created by the nonprofit National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, or NASDTEC.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff the Great- clearly you are the greatest asshole known to man. Why is it that those who give themselves nicknames like "the great" are usually assholes like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, men who point the finger at others while committing the same offenses they rail against? What offenses are you hiding? Or are you simply trying to compensate for some physical short-coming?

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