Jeff the Great Spies CitySpeek in the Wild!

Jeremiah and I both had a great day today, mostly because a tech blog we love covered CitySpeek.com, just 2 weeks after launch!

had some great things to say about CitySpeek that really encouraged us and gave us some extra motivation. In part, TechVibes writes:
I really like their concept of categorized Speeks - what I think is best about it is that you can search through public Speeks by category. Check out events, questions or funny stuff; what might be really interesting tweets often get buried in my Twitter stream, and this is a way to sort through posts if you are looking for something in particular. You can receive speeks through the CitySpeek website, or through IM or email.
I've linked the full article below. Give it a read and make sure to check back with TechVibes daily for more great coverage of web startups!

CitySpeek hopes to appeal to Twitter-phobic
-TechVibes Blog, 12/23/2008

-Jeff the Great


Steve said...

Congrats on the Silicon Florist write up as well.

Jmartens said...

We had another good write up from this blog as well: http://todaysbesttools.com/prove-youre-an-early-adopter-by-joining-cityspeek/360/

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