Jeff the Great Wonders about Amazon.com

I absolutely love Amazon.com, I try to buy as much from them as possible. I buy books, music, electronics and so much more.

One of the things that Amazon.com is known for is their recommendation engine. They look at your past purchases, items you've recently browsed, items you've reviewed and so much more to recommend other purchases to you. This concept really works in the favor of both the consumer and Amazon.com. They get more sales and we get products that make sense for us. Win, win.

I noticed today when visiting Amazon.com that they had some new suggested items for me. I viewed a gyroscopic air mouse the other day and this is what they are now telling me:

I looked at a $150 mouse for my computer and I should now look at a case of PowerBar's and an electric razor? Come on Amazon.com, it wouldn't be that hard to limit this type of recommendation to at least the same general category!

I have a bunch of other ideas on how Amazon.com can further improve their recommendation engine but I'll save them for another blog post (or for when they hire me).

-Jeff the Great


Steve said...

Amazon may use the wide range of recommendations to drive sales in other categories. I would assume that Amazon experimented with their algorithm to maximize sales. I would hope that they spend huge amounts of time/money on their algorithm.

Jmartens said...


I know they put a lot of resources into their recommendation engine and it has benefited me a few times. But come on, PowerBar's because I looked at a crazy gyro-mouse?

Again for the record, I love Amazon.com. I just think they still have some work to do.

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