Jeff the Great is Pissed Off!

I wrote recently in a post titled "Jeff the Great Goes to Canada for his Drugs" about my displeasure with retail pharmacies. I'll let you read the post on your own but here's the bottom line: Prescription at Costco, $19.90 without insurance (price lowered since original post), same prescription at Walgreen's $84 without insurance.

So it was time for another months supply and I decided to go back to Costco. A $19.90 prescription would surely be considered 'tier 1' by my insurance company and thus have only a $5 copay. What could go wrong?

When I arrived to pick up and pay for my prescription I was informed that the total was $19.90 and my insurance company didn't pay ANYTHING! Are you kidding me? When it's $84 at Walgreen's they chip in but when it's 75% less at Costco they pay nothing?!? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?

I'm off to call my insurance company and scream myself horse. In the meantime, was I naive? Are pharmacies or my insurance company screwing me? Or both?

Where's a friggen WalMart when I need one?

-Jeff the Great

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