Jeff the Great names new national pasttime

I think I pick up on things that most don't. While eating breakfast and watching the local news this morning I heard something that really jumped out at me.

The station I was watching ran a story about the start of soccer practice for local kids. While showing images of kids running on fresh cut fields, the anchorperson warned drivers to beware of young people walking or ridding bikes after school hours.

At the very end of the story, she finished with "Baseball season is also starting this week."

So much for baseball as a national pastime! Matter of fact, I think as a society we said goodbye to baseball about 10 years ago. Somebody forgot to tell 'Hank' at the local sports bar!

If only I could get my sports talk radio station to take the same position as the news channel I watch. Then I wouldn't have to miss Sweet 16 action in favor of a Seattle Mariners PRE-SEASON baseball PRE-GAME show (yes, I said pre-season AND pre-game). True story...

-Jeff the Great

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