Jeff the Great Gets More Famous

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday when someone emailed to notify me that I was quoted in something they wrote.

North Venture Partners out of the Bay Area wrote a white paper about early stage venture capital and published it online this week. I've embedded it below...I am on page 21.

-Jeff the Great


Steve said...

Did you see the News Hour on PBS on Thursday? They covered local high tech companies. They covered different strategies for dealing with the difficulty of getting capital. I liked Badaboom's strategy, they wanted to do a hardware solution, but realized they would never be able to get the capital, so they developed a software solution. If only it was that easy.

Jmartens said...

yes, I did catch it. I don't usually watch but wanted to catch Rick Turoczy.

It was a sad story at first but was glad to see them report some of the positives later on with Elemental and Tri-Quint.

I wonder how many jobs applications those companies got after the feature?!?!

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