Jeff the Great's Updated Reading List

I've finished up a few books recently and just started another. In addition to the below, I've also updated my reading list over here: http://twurl.cc/byl

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (my favorite author but this isn't his best work).
The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall (interesting but way to far fetched).Crucial Confrontations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler (my current read, a follow-up to Crucial Conversations, one of the best books ever).


-Jeff the Great

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Steve said...

I agree Outliers was a disappointment. The two major ideas, that success is a function of practice and situations play a major role in success seem like too little to write a book on. The first chapter, about hockey players, was my favorite. I like the subject matter, I just wish it was more fully explored.

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